Award Winning Autodesk Smoke now available for the OS® X platform

Autodesk(r) Smoke(r) software for the Mac OS(r) X platform empowers your existing creative cut workflow by helping deliver true editorial finishing on the popular Mac platform. In Smoke you can take a project from ordinary to extraordinary with a creative toolset that encompasses editorial, conform,color correction and advanced 2D and 3D compositing.

Smoke helps you grow your business by taking on more work, keeping entire jobs in house and working more efficiently through an integrated creative toolset.
Smoke empowers your creative cut workflow by helping build on the Apple(r) Final Cut Pro(r) and Avid(r) creative cut workflow you already have in place.

You can recreate entire timelines in Smoke via AAF and XMLimport with multiple layers and timeline layer structures. Smoke lets you work with the same compressed media you started with, or you can optionally recapture from original source files. Smoke supports fully uncompressed media work up to uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB.

Once you're inside Smoke, you're presented with an integrated creative toolset that lets you work faster and concentrate on the creative by staying within a single application. Smoke features precise technical tools for tracking, masking and keying - along with extraordinary 2D and 3D design tools that let you take your projects to the next level. These are
tools used by some of the world's top facilities, and now they are available on the Mac platform.

When you're ready to deliver, Smoke offers mastering tools that let you quickly create multi-resolution deliverables from a single master. You can deliver formats ranging from 2K image sequences and RGB 4:4:4 HD SDI video to streaming media to broadcast servers or directly to the web.

Own the creative with Smoke software for the Mac OS X platform. Smoke was designed to help you stand out from the crowd by providing an interactive and highly artistic editorial finishing workflow - from cut to conform to delivery.

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