New Zimbabwean Feature Film Released

New Zimbabwean Feature Film Released

Written and produced by Zimbabwean Melgin Tafirenyika, the full HD 105-minute feature film, "I Will Marry Myself" been released on the streets selling at a giveaway price onto the streets of Harare at only a dollar per copy. By Carter Chapwanyahas

"I Will Marry Myself" is being sold by vendors on the streets as of yesterday at a dollar each because we are trying to counter piracy and make the most of the production," said Tafirenyika, who is also the main character in the movie.

Tafirenyika is known to many as a model but after having studied drama P4 level in performing arts with South Africa State Theatre's E-Production he produced "I Will Marry Myself".

The movie was shot and produced in Pretoria, South Africa, but it was done in three languages - English, Shona and Tswana - with English subtitles.

However, the most interesting thing about the movie is not just the gripping storyline but the production itself.

"I Will Marry Myself" was filmed with a 7D Canon HD camera with professional colour grading that can only put the movie in a league ahead of most Zimbabwean produced movies.

The sound is perfect unlike most locally produced films that usually have poor sound quality.

"We decided to sell the movie at a dollar each because we realised that people are buying movies in the streets at a dollar so we decided to import quality blank DVDs in bulk and package them in a way that we can make a profit without compromising on the quality," added Tafirenyika.

The movie features only two Zimbabweans in the cast and several South African actors and experienced filmmakers such as director of the movie Stephen Visser. Tafirenyika said the movie is a drama that seeks to address issues of infidelity, HIV/Aids and the evils associated with getting into relationships for the love of money.

After having been dumped by her Casanova boyfriend Coaster (played by Tafirenyika) whose baby she is carrying; Shelter (Lilian Tshabalala) decides to pay her own lobola to her parents through a phony boyfriend and entourage.

"I Will Marry Myself" was premiered locally in Rainbow Cinemas in December 2012 and the DVD can now be found on the streets of Harare.


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