Zama Mkosi Abruptly Out As NFVF CEO After Forensic Investigation

Zama Mkosi Abruptly Out As NFVF CEO After Forensic Investigation

Zama Mkosi has abruptly resigned as CEO of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) following a forensic investigation into allegations of mismanagement, waste of funds and other issues at the embattled organisation supposed to promote and support South Africa's film and television industry.

Mkosi is out with immediate effect and is being replaced by Shadrack Bokaba as acting CEO for the time being, "in the interest of organisational stability" according to the NFVF. There's been no quote or statement from Mkosi or any reasons given why she's left the NFVF abruptly, but she resigned on 27 May.

The NFVF says it will start the process looking for a new CEO. Zamantungwa Mkosi was appointed NFVF CEO in February 2012.

The past few years the NFVF has been embroiled in various allegations of money wasting and mismanagement of funds by senior executives, seriously damaging the credibility and reputation of the NFVF with the organisation that has seen its relationship with both the TV and film industry deteriorate, as well as with the media.

The allegations of mismanagement and money waste included not just overseas trips and expense accounts for foreign travel in luxury hotels with outrageous travel demands - money meant to fund film and television in South Africa - but also local splurging with trips to Sun City.

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