Winners of the DFA Covid-19 Short Film Grant

Winners of the DFA Covid-19 Short Film Grant

In view of the challenges faced by our industry the DFA board created the Covid-19 Short Film Grant to support independent content on the theme of Rifts and Rage in the time of Covid-19. We congratulate the filmmakers who were awarded with the DFA Covid-19 Short Film Grant and look forward to sharing these stories. Each of the following projects will receive a R20000 grant from the DFA.

Migration Under Lockdown
By Sihle Hlophe
In a country that is rife with xenophobia and systematic oppression, most undocumented African migrants find themselves at the mercy of a government that is denying them access to COVID-19 testing facilities and relief grants, during this national lockdown.

The Best and Worst of Us.
by Jasyn Howes
A Cape Town based photographer turns his lens on his society during the Covid-19 lockdown and what he finds is a people confronting themselves in unique, inspirational and often complicated ways.

Umngcwabo (The funeral)
by Omelga Mthiyane
In Zulu Tradition, death is not the end, It's the new beginning in the afterlife, but the ritual intricacies of the send off need to be observed correctly by the family of the deceased. Would Covid19 burial regulations allow the family natural processes of burial?

by Tshililo waha Muzila
In the time of COVID-19, a small and isolated community is left vulnerable as it struggles to fight off an illegal mining cartel in their backyard.

The Wedding Tree
A film by Karin Slater
For 96 years a single tree has been the backdrop to thousands of wedding photographs. What happens when suddenly these photographs stop and the people that used this tree as their wedding photo backdrop get locked down together in the midst of a pandemic?

Love locked down
By Sandiswa Tshefu
When home is not the safest place to quarantine - a personal journey reflecting on being LGBTQI+ in Khayalitsha during a lockdown

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