Vibescout and Moviez align to give cinema goers more

Vibescout and Moviez align to give cinema goers more

Vibescout has become the go to destination for people looking for things to do in South Africa from movies to entertainment to events. Their rapidly growing user base has sparked a partnership that will see (owned by film production and distribution outfit Forefront Media Group) directing its users to

The two organisations will use this new alignment to streamline how users can find the movies they love and those they have yet to discover while providing a platform for distributors and exhibitors to target those audiences with a way to track the effectiveness of advertising and the conversion of sales.

"When we started it was because we were frustrated that as film lovers, we had to go to so many different sites in order to find what movies were showing near us, see their ratings and get showtimes. We provided a tool we wanted to use and when we met and saw the rapid growth of Vibescout in the same sphere, we saw a great opportunity in aligning with a site that was doing it better, growing audiences faster and giving them added benefits beyond just movies." Said Ryan Haidarian, CEO of Forefront Media Group.

"The recent growth of Vibescout (now over 390 000 unique monthly users) has largely been thanks to our movie section. Not only are we providing great value to movie goers through easy movie discovery and cinema selection, but we have found great ways of providing value to film distributors as well. At the moment we are an attractive alternative from their regular digital spending channels, on Vibescout we can track which users actually go to movie sites to book their tickets (the current success indicators for online marketing are just awareness/impressions or trailer plays, but this does not tell you much about the actual intent from the user to go and watch the movie)." said Jonathan Myburgh, CEO of

The benefit of tracking user interaction with the product they want to consume is propelling Vibescout beyond a consumer offering to a strong B to B play in the movie space. 2003 - 2022