TheWorkRoom Audio Post launches Dolby Atmos™ cinema post suite

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TheWorkRoom Audio Post have installed a 16 speaker 11.1 Dolby Atmos(tm) immersive surround sound system. Owner, Stephen Webster said "the ability to mix in a 3D surround format as opposed to the conventional 2D 5.1 or 7.1 environment expands what is possible creatively, exciting your senses and inspiring your emotions'.

This new format is one of the most significant developments in the history of cinema sound and gives content creators unprecedented freedom of the placement and movement of sound within the movie theatre. Speakers completely envelop your audience on the sides and overhead to give new dimensions to the soundtrack, which in turn gives the audience the most immersive and exciting sonic experience possible.

"We are enjoying producing content in Dolby Atmos(tm) and already have a short film lined up for later this year" said Stephen.

The benefits of an ever-growing film industry are evident. With the City of Cape Town boasting figures of R5 billion as well as more than 35000 jobs created over a 3 year period. Through the help of the government's industry-specific incentives to both encourage local-content generation as well as attract international productions, South Africa's film production industry continues to grow.

The rebates and incentives structures have brought both productions and talent to South Africa which has afforded TheWorkRoom Audio Post the opportunity to work on recent projects such as Star Trek Beyond, Resident Evil, The Legend of Tarzan, Game of Thrones, Of Kings and Prophets, The Crown, Shepard's and Butchers, Black Sails and The Last Face.

South Africa remains a film production hot spot but the vast majority of audio post production leaves South Africa for a few key reasons, one being the lack of suitable audio post facilities. Stephen said "By providing these facilities locally we hope to not only continue to work on but finish more projects within South Africa".

Currently, there are two Dolby Atmos(tm) cinemas in operation in South Africa with one in Durban and another in Pretoria with a substantial roll out planned in the near future.

TheWorkRoom's cinema post suite is also suitable to 5.1 or 7.1 mixing, cinema screenings and approvals and features a 5.5m acoustically transparent projection screen with HD 3D projection.

Please contact Jenna Lange ( ) if you would like to arrange a demonstration of the Dolby Atmos(tm) immersive sound format.


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