Suspended Gauteng Film Commission CEO still raking in R1.8m salary: DA

Suspended Gauteng Film Commission CEO still raking in R1.8m salary: DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) found that the chief executive of the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC), Andile Mbeki, was still taking home a salary package of more than R1 million despite being placed on suspension for more than a year.

DA Gauteng spokesperson for Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Kingsol Chabalala, said that he was shocked by the sports MEC's revelation, Faith Mazibuko, in the provincial legislature that Andile Mbeki was still drawing a salary despite being placed on suspension.

Mbeki, who was appointed in September 2014, was suspended in February 2017 following serious allegations of insubordination and ill-treatment of staff members, as well as illegally recording Mazibuko's conversation during a meeting and distributing the conversation on social media without seeking her permission.

"Despite the fact that the CEO has been charged, he has not appeared before a disciplinary committee. The MEC has informed the DA, that they will seek an amicable resolution to part ways," Chabalala said.

"Since being placed on suspension on 23 February 2017, Mbeki has received a salary totaling R1,882,094.00 including benefits. Currently, the department is paying two CEOs, thus diverting money away from other important functions of the department.

"This indicates poor political management and leadership on the part of the MEC, as she has failed to resolve this matter."

Chabalala said that the DA will demand that this issue be resolved as a matter of urgency to avoid any further wasteful expenditure.

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