Sunshine Cinema Road Show

Sunshine Cinema Roadshow

Sunshine Cinema, a mobile solar-powered cinema will be hosting a series of free film screenings in Durban and Qunu from 14-22 July 2016.

The screenings will take place in Qunu with UNAIDS on the 15th of July, as well as townships around Durban during the International AIDS Conference 2016 from 19-22nd July supported by the Open Society Foundations Public Health Program.

The FREE screening schedule is as follows:

15 July at 5:30pm in Qunu community hall, screening Themba: A Boy Called Hope

19 July at 5:30pm in Cato Manor, Durban at the Masibambisane Center, 2658 Droma Road, screening Nothing Without Us, IASYouthVoices short films

20 July at 5:30pm in Wentworth, Durban at the Blue Roof Wellness Center, 74 Lubbe Road, screening Nothing Without Us, IASYouthVoices short Films

21 July 10am at Umlazi, Durban Community Hall in Section M, with theatre performance, 1 Mabhuda Drive, screening Nothing Without Us, IASYouthVoices short films

22 July at 11am in KwaMashu at the Ekhaya Multi Art Center, with theatre performance, 25 Giya Road, screening Nothing Without Us, IASYouthVoices short films

The Durban screenings will include extracts from the documentary, Nothing Without Us directed by Harriet Hirshorn, which focuses on the role of women in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The screenings will also include a series of short films produced by Makhulu for IAS Youth Voices, an advocacy initiative of the International AIDS Society (IAS) in partnership with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and the Children's Radio Foundation. The films provide perspectives from youth from South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania facing the challenges of access to care, social stigmas. These films share the stories of young people and their needs in the HIV response.

As part of the interactive experience at the screenings, there will be panel discussions with global and local change-makers. At the Umlazi and KwaMashu screenings aimed at high school students, there will be theatre performances from the local youth group Yamanje that is part of a Theatre4Youth program at Assitej SA. The performance will focus on activism and the concept of speaking to be heard.

The events will provide a platform for engagement and dialogue within communities that may not have access to the international conference in Durban and will challenge community members to consider how they may impact the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The Durban screenings are funded by the Open Society Foundations Public Health Program.

Additional details on the screenings will be posted to the Sunshine Cinema Facebook Page:

Sunshine Cinema is a solar powered mobile media initiative. Our aim is to connect change makers to wider networks, amplifying the voices of grassroots active citizens. Our aim is to turn solar power into social impact. We celebrate local stories, educating, uplifting, inspiring and connecting people. We are a small team of storytellers, filmmakers and researchers who are passionate about creating an alternative distribution platform. We believe in making our media screenings a soapbox for local voices to engage. We believe media can be used as a tool to activate social dialogue. Which is why we also run media training workshops with active citizens at our screenings. Furthermore we are passionate about transforming the local media industry. Our production company Makhulu is apprenticeship based. Our core team is comprised of passionate individuals, many who are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds that gain on the job training. We currently have a scholarship partnership with SAE film school in Woodstock, Cape Town. A Sunshine Cinema full scholarship is awarded each year to an up and coming filmmaker. The 2016 Sunshine Cinema/SAE Scholarship recipient is Lufefe "Fez" Figlan.


International Aids Society and Youth Voices:

The Children's Radio Foundation: Amplifying youth voices across Africa.

The Children's Radio Foundation uses radio to create opportunities for youth dialogue, participation, leadership, and active citizenship. Through giving youth the tools and skills to produce radio, young people are mobilized to engage in productive dialogue about the issues they face, and work together to improve their lives and communities. With 72 youth radio projects across six African countries, CRF works with radio stations and community-based organisations to create local platforms for discussion, information sharing, social engagement, and action. Our reporters take on issues that resonate with youth in their community, including HIV/AIDS, education, the environment, and teenage relationships. Speaking in local languages and in a youth-friendly style, they interview community members, host debates, and bring out local perspectives. Their reporting projects, broadcasts, and outreach activities are geared to generate discussion about issues facing youth.

The Film Nothing Without Us:
Nothing Without Us is the first and only documentary telling the story of the inspiring women at the forefront of the global AIDS movement. Combining archival footage and interviews with female activists, scientists and scholars in the US and Africa, "Nothing Without Us: The Women who Will End AIDS" reveals how women not only shaped grassroots groups like ACT-UP in the U.S., but have also played essential roles in HIV prevention and the treatment access movement throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The film explores the unaddressed dynamics that keep women around the world at risk of HIV, while introducing the remarkable women who have the answers to ending this 30-year old pandemic.

Yamanje Community Theatre group from Theatre4Youth:


Open Society Foundations Public Health Program

SAE - Sunshine Cinema Scholarship

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