SAGE publishes recommended salaries for Editors in 2016

SAGE has published an annual rate card of recommended salaries for editors for the last 15 years. Though focused on freelance editors, this rate card can also be used as a starting point for full-time employment negotiations.

The rate card for 2016 is available on our website,

Rates and conditions should be considered negotiable; this is a guideline, not a rigid set of rules. We encourage editors and producers alike to read our pre-employment checklist, Employees vs Contractors document and the what to expect from an editor document, all available on our website.

In addition we have also published an analysis based on our rate reporter for editors and our job submission forms. Since each offer is submitted in the same way, we can make deductions about the average offer being made, as well as educated guesses about the industry as a whole. This is our first year of running both forms, and this is our first analysis we're releasing to the public. The analysis for 2015 is available here:


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