PSA Promotes World's Largest Youth Empowerment Program

PSA Promotes World's Largest Youth Empowerment Program

With more young people than ever hoping to start their careers, the new PSA for The President's Award (First Patron Nelson Mandela) Youth Empowerment Program (affiliated to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards) wanted to reach as many young people in SA, as business sponsors and mentors.

But first, they needed the awareness. Wild Dog Productions created and produced the 45 second PSA for them at below cost, shooting in 4K, with only 3 crew.

When DSTV saw the spot, they loved it, and generously donated over R 1 million in airtime, across a broad swathe of their channels.

The program, which is not about beating the next person, or about being the winner, but about teamwork, the importance of community involvement, developing skills, and above all, going the extra mile, has helped over one million young people find their feet, and their careers. Considered an advantage on any CV by most major corporates, the programme's South African base is All interested produce's and broadcasters can contact their CEO, Nkagare Makhudu, for how they can help SA's youth get on board, for the future.

Rob Waldron, the director the PSA for Wild Dog Productions, added. 'For us, it was a privilege to shoot the commercial, and even more of a bonus when DSTV selected it for such an amazing schedule of free flightings. Its great when the industry can give back like this for a no-budget NGO'.


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