Lebogang Rasethaba’s pantsula orchestra music video

'In the Castle of My Skin' Sons of Kemet music video

Arcade Content's Lebogang Rasethaba directed In the Castle of My Skin, a new music video for award-winning UK jazz band Sons of Kemet.

Shot in Tembisa, the music video features the Indigenous Dance Academy's pantsula dancers as a black-tie orchestra, conducted by choreographer Jarrel Mathebula. It's a study in contrasts: a convergence of the chaotic energy of pantsula with the controlled sophistication of an orchestra.

"Pantsula and jazz aren't things that people were ever meant to see together; they both have rich histories with very different cultural and aesthetic values," says Lebo. "But framing ideas within a different context can give them new life."

The music video was shot by Motheo Moeng and edited by Xolelwa 'Ollie' Nhlabatsi.

Check out Lebo's reel at http://arcadecontent.tv/south-african-director/lebogang-rasethaba/.

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