Learn the key tactics and strategies of master screenwriting

Learn the key tactics and strategies of master screenwriting

Our next flagship online Crash Course in Screenwriting is an intensive ten-module programme which schools you in the key tactics and strategies of master screenwriting over five weeks.

We'll give you the essential skills of writing for the screen, from writing compelling dialogue, to thinking visually; from devising the killer opening scene to creating memorable characters.

Each module comes with easily digestible notes, lots of examples, illustrative clips - and a writing challenge that'll help cement the new skill in place.

Want more details? Click here for a comprehensive overview of the programme: https://allaboutwritingcourses.com/creative-screenwriting/

We're excited about the course - and so are those who've already completed it. Here's what Lance Jooste had to say: "It was an incredible learning experience... I found the feedback challenged me to dig beneath the surface in my storytelling and gave me new inspiration to continue writing."

And here's what Sally Andrew, author of the Tannie Marie murder mysteries, said after finishing the programme: " ...There was a lovely combination of theory and practice: readings, scripts, movie excerpts to watch, and screen-writing exercises. Richard and Michele gave such careful, considered and constructive feedback to our assignments."

Content is king in the world of television - and writers with talent and skill who want to break into the industry have never had a better chance of doing so. The industry needs you and your unique stories!

But even if you're simply one of the many thousands of television enthusiasts who enjoys feasting on the latest offerings from Netflix, this course will sharpen your appetite and give you added insight into the recipes required to make great television drama.

So sign up now for a creative adventure - and learn the key tactics and strategies of master screenwriting. https://allaboutwritingcourses.com/product/screenwriting/

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