The Hip Hop Effect on South Africa

The Hip Hop Effect on South Africa

Hip-Hop may not have been born in Africa, but the African influence runs deep, all the way to the rhythmic patterns used in traditional festive celebrations.

The Hip Hop Effect on South Africa is a documentary television series produced by Where Is The Beef Media, a production house based in Diepkloof Soweto. The first version of the series, during the 2015-2016 financial year, received funding and assistance with locations from the Gauteng Film Commission. The show was aired on Gau TV. The GFC is now involved again with Where's The Beef Media, which is engaging with MTV for a licence deal for Season 3 through VIACOM/BET.

The series tells the story of Hip Hop in South Africa, how it rose from the streets to become a cultural phenomenon that has influenced the everyday lives of the younger generation. The programme traces the history through the first-hand accounts of many of the people who have played a pivotal role in the industry. It combines archive clips and performances from TV, movies and music videos, with specially shot material and interviews with the key players.

The history goes back 22 years, featuring rare archival material, including defining moments in South African Hip Hop. It also looks at television commercials influenced by Hip Hop, which has had a profound impact on marketing in South Africa in the past decade, going from the fringes to the suburbs, and into the corporate boardrooms. The series shares many examples of how Hip-Hop has been incorporated into campaigns for such major brands as KFC, Cell C, Blue Ribbon Bread, SAB Miller and others.

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