GFC, Big Fish offer TV and film production intro course

The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) in partnership Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking is offering an introductory course on film and television production, and has called for interested aspirant filmmakers to apply to attend.

The three-week course, An Introduction to Film and TV Production, will provide an overview of the film and TV production business and operational processes.

Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking
GFC is pleased to partner with Big Fish to provide a course that covers roles and responsibilities in the production value chain, the legislative and regulatory environment, production processes and technology, audiences and distribution platforms.

Please note: it is compulsory for selected learners to attend the full duration of the course and to make their own travel arrangements.

For more information, including deadlines and contacts, see:

The Gauteng Film Commission develops, promotes and coordinates the film and television production industry in South Africa's wealthiest province.

An agency of the Gauteng Provincial Government, the GFC is tasked with positioning the province as a world-class destination for film-making as well as attracting local and international investment in the film and television industry.

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