GB Labs launch FastNAS NitroMAX

GB Labs launch FastNAS NitroMAX

GB Labs have built on the success over the last two years of their FastNAS series by launching a brand new product, FastNAS NitroMAX.

The intelligent storage company, who provide a comprehensive range of online, near line, backup and archive solutions for Media and Entertainment workflows, recently announced their latest product for their FastNAS range, FastNAS NitroMAX at IBC this past September.
Marking two years since the launch of FastNAS, NitroMAX offers double the NVME acceleration layer in order to expedite more data simultaneously; now with 40GbE as standard for faster and more flexible connectivity.

Bringing, twice the capacity and twice the performance to the Nitro layer along with 40GbE as standard the new FastNAS NitroMAX is capable of up to 4000MBytes/s read performance from its combined NVME and HDD technologies. However, it really wins in the real world with its ability to deliver around 2000Mbytes/s of read performance from its 1TB of NVME accelerator whilst simultaneously allowing the spinning disks to accept over 2000Mbytes/s of write performance.

This is made possible using GB Labs' unique technologies and intelligent algorithms for maximising real world missed IO data application. The end result means that users are gaining far more read streams whilst writing new data, supporting today's modern, mixed environment workflows compared to existing shared storage technologies.

"The difference between non GB Labs shared storage and the F-16 NitroMAX is night and day in terms of real-world usable performance." Viktor Spetnijs, Pre-Sales Consultant, GB Labs.

About GB Labs
GB Labs is the global leader in Intelligent Media Storage and AI Powered Workflows. We design our solutions to be simple to install and easy to use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding media workflows. From ingesting and editing 4K/8K video, to post-production and deep archive, we never skip a beat. Trusted by the world's top news and media organisations. GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable and incredibly FAST solutions. We outperform all competitors, SAN or NAS.

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