First Best Editing Award winner announced at DIFF

The first award for Best Editing was announced on Saturday 25th June at the closing ceremony of the 37th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF). The award, sponsored by the South African Guild of Editors (SAGE), was awarded by the international jury composed of four jurors: Bianca Balbuena, Fibby Kioria, Sherif Awad, and Trevor Steele Taylor.

Selected from the 9 other films competing, the new award for Best Editing went to Linda Man, for Tess (South Africa).

The jurors cited Linda Man's work as:
[A] fast paced, edgy and dynamic fusion of scenes reflecting the daily struggles of the main character.

The other films competing for this award were:
Embrace of the Serpent (Colombia)
Endless River (South Africa)
Motel Mist (Thailand)
Nakom (Ghana, USA)
Neon Bull (Brazil)
Radio Dreams (USA)
The Unseen (Namibia)
Violin Player (India)
Wonder Boy for President (South Africa)

Acting Festival Manager Peter Machen said: "We are pleased to be able to offer an award this year for editing, which is a critical element of the whole creative process, sadly, editing is often overlooked in the filmmaking process, yet sensitive and astute editing is a vital part of the product."

SAGE has developed a close collaborative relationship with DIFF since 2012, aiming to further promote editors and the art of editing at the festival. We value the huge contribution DIFF makes to our local film industry, and look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship.

Advocating for editors' recognition is an ongoing process and we urge our members to continue supporting our endeavours to obtain further recognition at other film festivals by signing the American Cinema Editors (ACE) petition, which actively pursues international film festivals that do not currently recognise the category of Film Editing at their awards.


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