Composer Records with KZN Philharmonic Orchestra

Composer Records with KZN Philharmonic Orchestra

Gavin Potter, a local film, TV and game composer recently recorded with the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra at Playhouse Studios in Durban. "We are forming a partnership where we can offer film, TV shows and advertisements live orchestral scores at a very competitive prices."

With more and more production work coming to South Africa and coming out of SA, the need for quality post production services are also on the rise and the need for full house music service that matches international standards is in demand. "We offer everything from composition, orchestration, recording, mixing and mastering and we utilize some of the biggest names in the industry."

For small budgets, I use state of the art sample libraries to mock up quality sounding scores. For slightly bigger budgets, solo players or small ensembles can be used in conjunction with samples to give the score a live/human feel and of course for large budgets a full 60 piece orchestra and choir is available to truly put the soundtrack on an international level.

Gavin is currently booked to score 2 features films this year as well as a number of PC and online games but is always looking for new, exciting projects to work on. For more information, visit


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