Boxing champ Gerrie Coetzee biopic in the making

Boxing champ Gerrie Coetzee biopic in the making

It's all systems go for the production of 'Gerrie', a film dedicated to the famous fistic achievements of Africa's first world heavyweight boxing champion Gerrie Coetzee.

The executive producer of the movie, Kenddrie Utuk of American film company Fontabila Productions, is in Cape Town to finalise logistics and secure venues for the production which will start in the Mother City later on this year.

Many will remember the night of September 23, 1983, at the Richfield Coliseum in Ohio, when Dokes' WBA heavyweight crown disappeared into the Ohio night air after Coetzee floored him in the 10th of their scheduled 15-rounder.

Coetzee returned to South Africa to great acclaim. On his arrival, Johannesburg came to a standstill as he was accorded a hero's welcome with national government officials in tow.

During his week-long stay in Cape Town, Utuk is accompanied by fellow American, Skip Hartquist, who is one of the producers for the movie. The Americans have also enlisted the services of Koos Roets, the South African award-winning director and cinematographer.

Acclaimed SA filmmaker Andre Scholtz has also been roped in. He has many years of experience as a film producer of note.

The movie Gerrie is expected to be released in South Africa in 2020.

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