Barry Gilder’s novel ‘The List’ optioned by Known Associates Entertainment

Barry Gilder’s novel ‘The List’ optioned by Known Associates Entertainment

Author Barry Gilder's novel 'The List' has been optioned by Known Associates Entertainment for development as a feature film series and/or TV series. The book was published in September last year by Jacana Media.

Rumours have abounded since the early days of South Africa's democracy that Nelson Mandela had in his possession a list of double agents who have permeated the upper echelons of the ANC during the struggle years, bent on destroying the newly elected democratic order. 'The List' tells the story of three intelligence agents steeped in the struggle for a free South Africa, bound by a common past. Together they are forced to confront those in their ranks as a potentially devastating infiltration by former apartheid agents threatens to derail the reforms of the newly elected president.

"THE LIST is in keeping with KAE's mandate to turn strong literary properties into movies and/or TV series. It has all the elements of a great thriller with nail biting twists and turns, fascinating, recognisable characters from our immediate past and present, and an explosive ending. We look forward to adapting it into a great property", says Joel Phiri, chairman of KAE, Known Associated Entertainment.

KAE is a boutique film and television production company developing projects and raising finance primarily for international markets.

"I am excited about the adaption of 'The List' onto the screen (big or small or both). I look forward to working with KA Entertainment and their partners in this challenging but compelling project," Gilder says.

'The LIST' will be produced by Dan Jawitz and Vanessa Jansen, Development Producer at KAE. Executive Producers are Tshepiso Sello and Joel Phiri.

Gilder went into exile in 1976, joined the ANC and MK, undergoing intelligence training in the then Soviet Union. He was part of the ANC leadership in Botswana in the 1980s, returning to South Africa in 1991. He has served in the South African Secret Service, the National Intelligence Agency, and as South Africa's Coordinator for Intelligence, among others. He retired from government in 2007. Gilder has a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Wits University and is the author of the non-fiction work Songs & Secrets: South Africa from Liberation to Governance, published by Hurst and Jacana in 2012. 2003 - 2021