Allowing Adobe Creative Suite applications and Avid Interplay to work together

Allowing Adobe Creative Suite applications and Avid Interplay to work together

Up until now, transferring files from Adobe Premiere or After Effects into Avid Interplay required time-consuming extra steps including manual file manipulation and transcoding mixed with a dash of alchemy and prayer. DiaQuest ProductionLink eliminates all this overhead and creates an easy-to-use, compatible and reliable conduit between these systems.

100% Avid and Adobe Compatible

DiaQuest ProductionLink is fully compliant with Avid file formatting and folder organization. This means that once saved, files are immediately available to other Avid applications like Media Composer(tm). You can reliably and easily transfer content between Adobe and Avid systems because what used to take multiple manual steps becomes a single command. In a busy facility, this can save time and money while editors get more creative work done and spend less time on file management.

Easy Operation
ProductionLink is easy to install and easy to use. There's no additional hardware required, no server to setup, and no dongles to keep track of. ProductionLink is a plug-in that installs into Adobe Premiere and After Effects so there's no separate application to run. Once installed, ProductionLink features appear within the Adobe user interface. When you want to create a file for Avid Interplay, just select that option from the drop down list and all the settings are handled automatically. All that's left to do is to specify the destination of the files and that done in an intuitive project-based browser popup.

Adds Flexibility
DiaQuest ProductionLink adds new levels of flexibility to your workflow by allowing Adobe Creative Suite applications and Avid Interplay to work together. Facilities that have been using Adobe programs can add the file organization and metadata capabilities of Interplay. Workgroups with Avid Interplay can now incorporate Adobe applications into their workflow without adding file conversion and movement complexities. ProductionLink is available for both Windows and Macintosh systems so you can get connected regardless of your choice of platform.


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