“SA’s gayest music video” receives SAMA nod

A voluptuous drag queen struts her stuff through the streets of Cape Town as her flamboyant wardrobe transforms in the The Kiffness's video "You Say You Love Me", which recently scooped up a SAMA nomination for Best Music Video. Director Quinton Lavery explains how the video came to life.

"Funky electronic act, The Kiffness approached us to do something a little different. Dave wanted to do a one-take video, and we pitched him the idea of focusing on the LGBT community through drag performances, lip-synching and choreographed dancing. "

"With drag queen Manila Von Teez and her team, we found something truly special."

The video showcases Manilla and her backup dancers coming down a street in De Waterkant, the LGBT hub of Cape Town, as she lip syncs to the lyrics sung by Tawanna Shaunte.

Manila's two wardrobe changes were filmed in slow motion, adding to the already extravagant aesthetic of the video.

"Shining a light on this community was always our goal, as we felt it was important to showcase Manila, her team and the community she identifies with, celebrating their true selves. This allowed for the song to take on a different meaning in the video, with an emphasis on self-acceptance as the beginning title message encourages: "BE PROUD, PLAY LOUD" and ends with "BE KIFF".

In a tragic coincidence, the filming of the video took place on the same day news was released of the Orlando shootings, a violent attack on the very community being celebrate in the video. The team felt it was only right to dedicate the video to the victims.

"We hope that the message we were sending contributes to increased acceptance, positivity, change, and support," says Quinton.

The message was received loud and clear, with one of South Africa's LGBT blogs asking, "We love it! Is this SA's gayest ever music video?"

The video has since gone on to win a Special Mention Award at the India Music Video Awards and will be screening at upcoming film festivals in the USA and Germany. The video was described by music blog Texx and The City as one of the Top 10 Music Videos of 2016, and its acclaim further justified by a recent SAMA nomination for Video of the Year.

This years SAMA Awards takes place at Sun City on 26 & 27 May. Quinton will be in attendance representing The Kiffness and production company Passing Trains.

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