Tujaribu - New Kenyan Dramedy

Tujaribu - New Kenyan Dramedy

Tujaribu is a one-hour dramedy series that follows the story of a blended Kenyan family and premieres on Kenya's leading entertainment channel KTN. For Kenyans in the diaspora they can also catch it on KTN's YouTube channel every Saturday at 8pm.

The adventures of Zakaria and Hawa who unceremoniously unite their families due to a second marriage and employ oddball methods in order to barely, just barely, function.

Zakaria played by Michael Okal is a blue-collared rural traditionalist who will do anything to survive. Hawa played by Rahab Wanja is a complicated 'corporatista' in Nairobi.

The icing on the cake in this new world is the addition of Zakaria's family members to the home - his zealously conservative mother Eucabeth played by Peris Wambui, his uncultured younger brother Kalu played by Timothy Ndisi, and his know-it-all younger sister, Asha played by Eunice Sangale. Heri the overbearing Ex played by Bernard Ruiru and Hawa's spoilt brat of a son Musa played by Jonathan Macharia

Mike Rewa who has brilliantly brought these characters to life by turning on the hilarious of Kenyan families directs the show.

Tujaribu is created by Faith Koli and Shalom Ndiku and produced by DIL Pictures the creators and producers of award winning shows like Pendo and Pray&Prey. The producers promise that this show will not only make the viewers laugh but remind them of everyday challenges Kenyan families face as they all try to get along thus the word Tujaribu which is Kiswahili for Let's try.

Tujaribu is about building a family when all the pieces are already decided for you by fate and circumstance. The past is always present in this family - there's no escaping from it. We are in a remnant of two old families as they struggle to make themselves part of something new. Cultures clash. Misunderstandings abound. Hilarity ensues. The second time around for them is definitely not the charm. But small wins along the way make the journey worthwhile.

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