Banned Kenyan film Rafiki makes history at Cannes

Banned Kenyan film Rafiki makes history at Cannes

The Kenyan film Rafiki, which is co-produced by South Africa, is part of the official line-up for 2018's event, marking the first time a Kenyan director has had a film in competition at Cannes. By Nadia Neophytou

Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahui's film was banned in her home country for its Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) themes shortly after it became the first film from there to be selected by Cannes.

The Kenyan Film Classification Board condemned it for seeking to normalise homosexuality.

It's a coming of age love story between two young women in a small rural town.

The film premieres at the fest on Wednesday and critics say it brings a fresh context to a universal story.

Rafiki was co-produced by South Africa's Big World Cinema. 2003 - 2021