FilmFlyNet helps professionals to sell films

FilmFlyNet helps professionals to sell films

Presented in beta format at the 2010 Canne Festival, the online platform FilmFlyNet has announced a new release which adds greater security and functionality to the audiovisual material mailing and streaming service. by Camillo de Marco

The website created by Marina Spinola and Marco Fiorentino (KPNQwest) provides industry professionals with an extremely simple system for transmitting audiovisual contents via web world-wide and offers statistics of when and who viewed the screener and the emails. The advantages of FilmFlyNet compared to traditional mailing systems are obvious: time and costs are reduced and a greater number of potential buyers is reached. The owner of contents simply has to have a DVD with the contents, a computer and an internet connection with a high bandwidth.

In the new version, each stream is encrypted and it is not possible to create a copy during the process. Only those who have been invited are allowed to access the film and the owner can set a maximum number of times that the video material can be viewed. It is also possible to add projects to the "marketplace". This allows a greater number of potential buyers to request to see the films.


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