Bitcoin celebrates with its own Bitfilm festival

You know something is getting big when they make a movie out of it and that's now the case with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has been making noise since 2008. The festival in coming to Cape Town February 2015.

Berlin hosted the Bitfilm Festival at the Platoon Kunsthalle. Bitfilm doesn't just pertain to Bitcoin as the film festival has actually been around since 2000, featuring films about various creative and innovative digital technologies. But this time around it's soley dedicated to Bitcoin, and the initial festival in Berlin was just the first leg of a four-continent tour, with further events to come in Seoul, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Bali and Cape Town.

The one-day film festival kicked off with attendees being encouraged to exchanged Euros for Bitcoin at the Bitcoin Exchange Berlin, Europe's first in-person Bitcoin Exchange, where staff can assist people to use their smartphones and create a Bitcoin wallet.

The film show itself is organized into various categories, such as Bitcoin Animations. This category features a compilation of animated shorts such as "What is Bitcoin?" and "Fiat Money", which discusses the basics of Bitcoin in an entertaining and easy way. Another category called Bitcoin Short Docs features short documentaries like "Bitcoin in Uganda", "Bitcoins: Liberating Organic Farmers", and "Bitcoin 16:9'', which addresses various aspects of life and how Bitcoin has revolutionized it.

Other documentaries include "I am Satoshi", a feature-length documentary from Director Tomer Kantor; "Bitcoin in Kenya", which tackles how the cryptocurrency is changing money transactions; "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin"; and "Bitfilm Late Night", which features Bitfilm Networks' compilation of animated and live action shorts about Bitcoin that was produced by its commercial arm.

It's too late for you to go to Berlin now, but the tour continues into next year at the following locations:

November 8th, Seoul
November 29th, Buenos Aires
December 3rd, Amsterdam
December 6th, Rio de Janeiro
February 25th 2015, Cape Town


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