Al Jazeera to screen award-winning documentary on whale hunting in the Faroe Islands

The Archipelago

The Archipelago, an award-winning documentary about whale hunting in the Faroe Islands, screens on Al Jazeera English on 17 February 2016 at 1830 SAST. The Faroe Islands' inhabitants are connected to the modern world and its technology, but they are also intrinsically linked to nature by customs dating back generations, like hunting pilot whales. With their non-commercial whale hunting practice now the subject of international controversy, the clash between opposing ecological visions could change the face of the archipelago forever.

The Archipelago won Best Student Film from both The International Documentary Association and Sheffield Doc/Fest, among other festivals, and was shortlisted for a Grierson.

As Sheffield Doc/Fest jury member Daisy Gill said in her jury citation, "Beautifully shot and deceptively paced, The Archipelago depicts a rare, empathetic view of whaling, focusing on self-sustainability within the Faroe Islands community. Drawing a jarring juxtaposition between the picturesque landscape and the violent and gruesome practice of whale slaughter, Benjamin Huguet's film evokes a visceral response. Huguet's strength is in his storytelling - his unflinching eye doesn't moralise or sensationalise. The documentary is surprising and compelling, allowing insight into the inhabitants' reaction to the protests of the controversial act of whale hunting - an act so embedded into the culture of the islands."

The Archipelago screens on Al Jazeera English as part of Witness, an inspiring documentary series that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories.

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