Escape fom Pretoria shooting with Daniel Radcliffe in Australia

Escape fom Pretoria shooting with Daniel Radcliffe in Australia

Daniel Radcliffe is starring in a new film, set in our very own Pretoria, but shooting is taking place in Adelaide, Australia, which seems fitting considering how many South Africans now live there. The film, Escape from Pretoria, was written and directed by Francis Annan and based on Tim Jenkins' autobiography, Inside Out: Escape From Pretoria Prison.

Radcliffe's character Tim and his friend Stephen Lee were two South Africans branded as 'terrorists' and thrown in jail in 1978.

Here's IOL:

Jenkins, along with two other inmates, were able to escape thanks to nine handmade keys while fellow inmate Denis Goldberg, played by Sam Neill, distracted the warden, giving the others the chance to escape the prison.

The film is produced by David Barron and speaking to Screendaily following the casting of Neil he said: "I am thrilled Sam Neill has agreed to join the cast of Escape From Pretoria. I cannot imagine another actor portraying Denis Goldberg who was such a hugely important player in the fight against apartheid."

The thrilling story of Tim Jenkin's daring escape from Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, where he was kept by apartheid authorities for his activities on behalf of the ANC, and his subsequent flight from South Africa. 2003 - 2021