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D.O.P /Videography / Directing / Screenplay writing & reviewing / Neuro-Cognitive viewer engagement specialist

Filmmaker / Writer / Artist

Honest, creative fella with an eye for terror and wonder.

Skilled in drawing , filming, video editing, concept development, and viewer engagement.

Loves to write, direct and play.


B.A in Visual Communication
Open Window 2010

Post-Grad Honors in Film & Television
Open Window 2013

Work Experience

Instant Grass International
Videographer/Screenplay Writing/ Editing / In-Field Strategist
2016 - 2019
At IGI, I wrote, researched, shot and edited videos to bring consumer insights to life for clients such as Woolworths, Red Bull, PEP, Ackermans, Levis Jeans and Google. In this time, I deliberately moved away from the temptation for quirky special FX, towards pure story-telling: The written word, the single take, the ruthless cut.

I also wrote and directed short vox-pops which questions the legitimacy of identity politics, the millennial divide, cultural appropriation and the paradoxical relationships between brands and consumers.

“During his time at IGI Wihann crafted a highly specialised version of what a videographer can and should be for the insights industry. His skillset surpasses really great filmmaking to incorporate human empathy and strategic insight - a rare breed!”
- Jess Jorgenson, Head of African Insights at Instant Grass International

Okuhle Media
Photography/Camera Operator/Stop Frame Animator
2015 - 2016

At Okuhle Media I worked on 6 new Afrikaans reality shows for the new DSTV channel VIA. On Die Eet Oorlog I photographed the weight-loss journey of three plus size ladies for 30 days. On Brood & Botter, a cooking business competition show, I got bored and with only shooting BTS photographs and got promoted to a camera operator. On the make-over show, Hou Op Wegsteek, I created stop-frame animations for the intro sequence and for each individual make-over transformation. On Wie Is My Strooimeisie? I shot cutaways, content footage tightly squeezed in a mini party bus, as well as profile sequences for each lady. This was fun.

“Producing 3 shows back-to-back meant extremely tight deadlines. It also meant that,
because they were new shows, last-minute requirements were a regular occurrence.
Wihann was always willing and accommodating when it came to such requests, and
was always flexible in terms of making a plan and ensuring delivery.” 

- David Stein, Producer at Okuhle Media.

2012 - present

As a freelance creative for 8 years, I experienced the adrenaline of live camera operation at RAMfest 2012, the patience needed to film, direct, edit, and animate 32 eductational videos for the Apprentice Doctors Venipuncture Training Kit, and animating a flying bush-pig for the InniBos 2014 advertisement featured on KykNet. I also produced, directed and edited three music videos, “It's a disease” by Candi Black,"Like a child” by Late Night Fox, and We Up by Don Loyiso, an L.A Music Video Awards finalist. Furthermore, I made four short films, Mojo, Nest, The Lighthouse Keeper and Cat Lady.

"Wihann Strauss’s ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ deals with the inexorable march of time, the
tragedy of life and the indignity of death. The narrative crux of the film occurs years before, much like a tragedy at sea; removed from the lighthouse itself, far off in the darkness of history. And so we learn of the paradoxical nature of a lighthouse keeper; at once vitally important – a safe haven for lost souls at sea, yet banished to dangerous shorelines and empty abysses."
- Excerpt from a review of “The Lighthouse Keeper” by Paul White

Open Window Creative Hub
Motion Designer & Concept Developer

This was a gathering of young post grad fools, mostly consisting of friends and proud delinquents. I was a camera operator, D.O.P, poster designer and online editor for the short film “Stut” which excelled at the KykNet Silwerskerm Fees. I edited and animated the 5th anniversary video for the Africa Media Leaders Forum and made my first commercial for MedShield. I was D.O.P on the film “Blink,” and captured archival footage for the Kruger National Park. I laugh back at this time of youthful folly, as our business cards featured job titles such as “TimeSpace Architect”, “Money Machine” and “Nature Boy”. 
Mine read “Leeutemmer” (Lion Tamer).

Cognitive Viewer Engagement

In 2013 I wrote a research report on cognitive viewer engagement, which studies the cross cultural neurological components that most viewers share. Central to this research report is how fictional characters evoke emotional and cognitive processes such as empathy, sympathy and emotional simulation.

Film TitleTypeCompanyRole
Student Film
Editor/ 2nd A.D
The Lighthouse Keeper
Student Film
Director / Editor / Producer
We Up
Music Video

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