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Dez Hulley SFX
Audio Editing | Sound Design | Mix

- Thorough working knowledge and experience in both Analog and Digital systems, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering

- Fantastic work ethic in both studio and live environments with a sound knowledge of hardware and software systems and operations within both environments

- Excellent Pro Tools efficiency. Logic, Reason and Ableton efficient as well as some other DAW's and efficiency in Analog multi-track recording

- Highly Skilled in Post Production: Editing, ADR, spot mixes, dialogue Editing and innovative in Sound Design/Foley

- Highly competent at mixing, re-recording and final mixing

- Experience using Final Cut pro as well as knowledge of Avid Media Composer

- Applied knowledge of striping, frame rates and digital picture

- Thorough working knowledge of the Audio Industry and Studio Set up and Management

- Highly skilled at Public relations, Business Communications and Administration and Project Management

- Profound ability to work well under pressure, maintain focus and have fantastic communicative skills

- Vast knowledge of and highly skilled in Music composition, production, and arranging as well as playing multiple instruments

-Highly competent at MIDI programming, sequencing and sampling

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Left Bank Pictures
SFX Editing
Jamillah and Alladin
BBC / Kindle Entertainment UK
SFX Editing | Sound Design
Feature Film
Pambili Media
SFX Editing | Sound Design
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