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Global Access
We offer Studio Rental and Broadcast Facilities

Global Access has over the past 18 years established itself as a leader in the field of Private Broadcasting in South Africa. With a dedicated channel on DStv, we have the capability of broadcasting your message or event to your invited audience from any location in the country. Not only does this allow you to exponentially grow our audience, it takes your conversation one step further by allowing for real time interaction with your audience via sms/ telephone/ social media etc.

In addition to our channel, our in-house studio and production facilities make generating video content so much easier. And this all comes together under the creative eye of our Content Creation team who are mandated to help you package your message in the most powerful and engaging manner.

The Global Access team also operates Digital Signage Networks, Queue Management Systems and IPTV in addition to our broadcast channel.
To find out more about our Broadcast Services, please contact Amelia Thiart on 011 350 2258/ amelia@globalaccess.co.za or Deyasha Sukdeo on 011 350 2084/ Deyasha@globalaccess.co.za.

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