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Cine Photo Tools
Film and Photographic Equipment Sales and Rentals in Cape Town

Firmly rooted in the heart of Cape Town, Cine Photo Tools is a thriving retail company catering for the stills, video and film industry. We offer specialised service, top international brands at competitive prices, and the best customer care. Cine Photo Tools is the sister company of Photo Hire- one of the biggest and most successful rental companies in South Africa- offering the same unique, quality assistance that clients are accustom to. We stock the most innovative and current equipment and accessories to suite the style and scale of any production.

Cine Photo Tools always brings the best international products to our domestic shores; combining a more global vision with local market insight, in order to keep up with industry and client needs. We strive to bring the most advanced products to South Africa in an industry driven by fast-changing technologies and innovation, Cine Photo Tools evolves as the industry does.

Cine Photo Tools also aims to be one of South Africa’s top online destinations for all your film, video and photographic needs. We offer a wide range of products. You can purchase cameras, rigs and accessories all in one place. From heavyweight brands to unique accessories, lenses, lighting and so much more, Cine Photo Tools has it all. We’ll rig you up with all the trimmings at fantastic prices. Our top, industry-standard brands have been researched and field tested, so you know you will only be getting the best quality products when you shop with us.

Not only are our products top-class, but so is our staff. We have an efficient and professional team with vast industry knowledge. Their proficient understanding of all the products we stock means our customers are in the best possible care in their capable hands. Whether you are a novice, hobbyist or a professional, they are there to help customers make smart purchase decisions. Cine Photo Tools is helping to take digital artistry to the next level. We remain the most advanced digital support house in Cape Town and aim to stay that way. 2003 - 2021