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Dear Hiring Manager,

To have the opportunity to work for a video production company is simply put, my dream job. My experience and observations with my recent jobs have fueled my desire to work for a company that shares my commitment to video production . My educational background, past work experience and most of all my love of the industry makes for a perfect fit into your company as a production assistant.

This past year I have been a devoted, hard-working production assistant in the film industry. I have learned the importance of attention to details, small and large, the criticalness of project dynamics and the impact of how hard work and care impacts the end product. I understand the importance of deadlines, discerning and remembering managers needs, and handling stress under pressure. However what I learned most from my job is that I need to work in an environment that is not a 9am-5pm job, that pushes my creativity, and feeds my drive.

Even as a youngster, I was always curious about the magic that happened in producing a program. Commercials were of particular interest. Effective commercials are the result of knowing your target, what you want to accomplish, cleaver writing and graphics, often saying so much with less. However, throughout my years of college my passion for production directed itself to writing and producing. I graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelor degree in Communications and a minor in Spanish and did numerous projects on writing scripts and production assignments.

My eagerness to work for your company, combined with my strong work ethic, being a quick study and a team player will make the choice to consider me for your production assistant the right one.

Thank you for accepting my application. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I'm excited to hear from you soon.

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