Drama Scriptwriter Johannesburg

Scriptwriter for a family & court drama. Applicants must have established reputation and solid experience in Developing and researching successful ideas for original episodic screenplays, Creating framework & treatment for screenplays.

* Adapting and writing the stories into a scripts
* Weaving together visual elements in scenes with plot and dialogue
* Work with producers and directors to edit and adjust the script as needed

About the earlier seasons:
Grit season 1 is an inspiring and touching story of Charlotte & Shirley Mkhize. Life becomes hard for the family when they lose their landed property due to deceit of certain greedy and unscrupulous ones. Drawing inspiration from her parents and through her dedication and hard work, Charlotte studies to become a successful lawyer and fights a gruelling battle to win the family inheritance back.

GRIT SEASON 2 is a series of thriller courtroom dramas that involve crime, detective-based mystery solving and lawyer work. Charlotte studies and wins several cases for the victim of law, involving shoddy investigations by law enforcers and faulty court judgements.

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