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Pan-African Talent Management Company: Voice Over, Models, Actors, Production Fixing, Translation, Language and Cultural Advisory. Turnkey Adaptation of Content for African Consumption.
Johannesburg | Africa

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Adam Behr Voiceover, Animatronic Puppeteer Cape Town South Africa
Adnan Bashir Production / Narration Cape Town South Africa
Akili Galloway Los Angeles United States
Annami Mailovich Scriptwriter, Voice Artist South Africa
Anne Gonschorek Film, Edit, Script, Voice Over, Research, Write Cape Town South Africa
Bob Chappell Voice artist, editor Cape Town South Africa
Bob Taylor Voice overs United States
Boo Prince Voice Artist, Voice Over Director, Voice Coach Johannesburg South Africa
Buchule Putini Digital News Producer Johannesburg South Africa
Bulelwa Fair Sithole voice over Johannesburg South Africa

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