Costume Designers Directory

Elizabeth James Costume Designer, Stylist Philadelphia United States
Gabriele Gabba I am a Concept Artist! Cape Town South Africa
Hannah Wilson Keen Runner (I am a Fashion Student and am passionate... Cape Town South Africa
Inanna Bantu Costume Design/Wardrobe Styling Los Angeles United States
Isabel Carmona Costume Designer/ Wardrobe Manager Lisbon Portugal
Jolandi Pienaar Costume designer, wardrobe mistress Johannesburg South Africa
Julita de Wet Costume design,small props and costume fabrication Johannesburg South Africa
Leande Kleinhans I am a Costume Designer & Stylist working in the... Cape Town South Africa
lee heckrath actor,singer,stuntwoman,costume design and art dir Cape Town South Africa
Lehasa Molloyi Costume Designer/Wardrobe Stylist/Stylist/Fashion... Johannesburg South Africa 2003 - 2021