Pressure Cooker Studios music brings Enjo back

Our latest musical serving for Australian agency 303Lowe. Teaming up with local production company Silver Lining Pictures and the talented director from Be Phat Motel Michael Matthews on this ambitious project.

The TVC is a come back edition, the basic message being that Enjo has been gone and while away things have been getting very messy indeed. But now that Enjo is back the mess is over!

When Mike came to us with a brief asking that we mix baroque music with cutting edge dance music, we were very excited to get going on it as it sounded like a very fun/challenging job to be involved on. The initial idea was to open onto a dream like women floating beautifully through the halls of an exquisite mansion while being underscored by a baroque style musical piece with hints of the original Enjo theme thrown in for good measure (as heard at the end of the TVC).

This all went very well until the complication of completely changing from a baroque style piece into a dirty trap style arrangement. But through some clever experimentation and some guidance from Mike we were able to create a smooth and grand transition from the vintage baroque style into the dirty club track.

All in all it was a fantastic job to work on and the whole crew did an amazing job pulling it out the bag in record time. We look forward to more exciting jobs with Mike (Director) and Renier (Producer).

Have a watch and enjoy, til next time.

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