Afrikaans film travelling Down Under

From the creators of Verraaiers and Roepman comes Musiek vir die Agtergrond. It tells the story of Paul, a talented and ambitious musician who comes face to face with the biggest decision of his life.

Will he sell his soul for financial stability? Directed by Salmon de Jager. With John-Henry Opperman, Lizelle de Klerk, Brumilda van Rensburg, Terence Bridgett. In cinemas 4 October.

The Aussies and Kiwis will also have a chance to watch Musiek vir die Agtergrond on the big screen in a new distribution deal.

Soon after D Street productions announced it will be distributing the Afrikaans film in North America, production company Bosbok 6 Films has announced that it has signed a contract with ONStv for distribution of the movie in theatres and on a digital Video On Demand platform in Australia and New Zealand.

ONStv was started to give South African expatriates a chance to watch South African film in cinemas and has had huge success with another Afrikaans film, Klein Karoo. They wish to expand this service to Canada, England and other parts of the world with large South African communities.

Musiek vir die Agtergrond is a story about a musician who lives on a hand-to-mouth existence playing in pubs until he is discovered by a music producer. Unfortunately, he has to conform to a stage identity he vowed never to become, and is seduced by fame and money to become a sell-out. 2003 - 2021