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The International Images Film Festival for Women is calling for submissions of films that celebrate women as peacemakers and as leaders who work to stop violence and abuse. The deadline for confirming film entries is 15 June and all required information must be submitted by 30 June.

Filmmakers are invited to submit entries to the International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF), which takes place from 23 to 31 August in Harare, Zimbabwe, under the theme "Women Alive - Women of Peace".

The films must positively portray women as peace builders, peace-makers and activists rather than as victims of conflict, violence or abuse. While the films submitted for inclusion should have all the attributes of good cinema, including good production and entertainment value, there should also be some analysis of the woman or women featured.

Films in this competition must have been produced from 2000 onwards and must have a woman in a lead role. Ideally, the films should be witty and humorous, featuring women who are not afraid to push boundaries, women who embrace the principles of extreme leadership. IIFF 2013's theme celebrates women and recognises the positive, peace-building change that individual women can bring to their homes, communities and nations.

These are women who believe in a just society, free of violence and conflict, women who have dedicated their lives to stopping all forms of violence so that they, their children and their communities can stay alive. The theme engages with the United Nations' Millennium Development Goal number three, which promotes gender equality and empowers women.

Finally, the theme celebrates the women of all ages who have dedicated their lives to becoming peacemakers and thereby have become role models for their communities.

For the festival, 35 millimetre feature films will be automatically admitted into the main competition. This is because there are often technical faults with DVDs. DVD and tape features, shorts and documentaries are programmed in other categories.

To raise the profile of your entry in the festival catalogue, please supply an electronic press kit and stills, and help the smooth functioning of the festival by giving the required information by the June 30 deadline. The deadline for confirming film entries is 15 June.

Please send enquiries and entries to:

Yvonne Jila, The Festival Director, IIFF, Box BW 1550, Borrowdale, Harare

Tel: +263 (0)4 86 2355, or +263 (0)77 469 6329 or +263 (0)77 555 3273, or email: wfoz@icapatrust.org.

IIFF was founded in 2002 by Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe in response to the proliferation of beauty contests at that time. Each year, a selection of films is featured to interrogate, debate and celebrate the resilience of women against many odds, who nevertheless make a meaningful contribution to society and history.

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