Zambian student unveils short film in SA

A Zambian student at Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa has unveiled a short film in Pretoria with the aim of raising awareness on increased cases of fraud which have accompanied technological development. by Sylvester Mwale

Cuthbert Miti, a second year student at the Pretoria-based University has written the Black Dollar which premiered on Friday at Soshanguve, one of the local townships in Gauteng Province of South Africa.

Apart from Miti, the team behind the project consists of Maiki Rammutloa who is also a student and the producer of this project while Moeti Mfolo has assumed the role of director, with Elvis Phiri taking up cinematography.

"I wrote this script after I did my research and realised that there is a loophole in information," Miti told the Sunday Times from South Africa during the week.

"People just give personal information to people they do not even know which results in strangers accessing their bank accounts."

He said he was glad to find that his friends were interested to join him in the production of the movie after he showed them the script.

Miti who is studying film and television production at the university says he was prompted to write the shot story after observing that many people are being swindled of their hard earned money in a twinkle of an eye.

"Everyday, people receive messages on phone to inform them of having won some prizes which they never entered," he explains.

"These messages are sent to would be victims and people will just give out their personal details, and a lot of people receive messages on Internet especially, indicating that they are stranded and looking for someone to help them out."

"That is what prompted me to write this story. It is like an awareness campaign so that people are aware of such scam and do not fall victim."

He noted that with the coming of technology, each day thousands of people were being swindled out of their hard earned money.

Miti hopes that the project would be replicated in Zambia in order to raise awareness among the people emerging trends in cyber crime.

Producer Rammutloa said she is committed to help develop the film industry that was dying with the emergency of technology.

Rammutloua said the Black Dollar is headed for the JOZI Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival in United Kingdom and the Portable film festival in Australia. 2003 - 2021