Kevin Fitzgerald’s 50-second romcom for Wimpy & Engen

Kevin Fitzgerald’s 50-second romcom for Wimpy & Engen

Egg Films' Kevin Fitzgerald directed Love Song, Draftfcb's new TVC for Wimpy and Engen. The 50-second romcom features a quirky pickup involving some goofy dance moves set to George Harrison's Got My Mind Set On You, plus a second straw for a milkshake.

"We were looking for the feel-good, underdog-comes-right feeling, the one you get when the star falls in love with the ordinary bloke in the romantic comedy and gives us all hope," says Kevin. "The key element was the balance between the humour of the dance and the delicate moment when she finds herself charmed by his goofiness; balancing the two so that the dance never becomes too slapstick and the romantic moment never becomes too schmaltzy. The danger was that we placed too much emphasis on the humour of the dance and ignored the fact that this is first and foremost a love story, a zero-to-hero story."

The spot features great performances by Jason Lume and Kimberley Marren. "It was important that he didn't feel like a great dancer: I wanted him to look like a complete amateur doing some moves he saw on So You Think You Can Dance, but there needed to be a spontaneity and sense of abandon to him that transcends his lack of skill."

Conceived by Draftfcb's Mike Barnwell, Aaron Harris, Scott Fowler and Chris de Villiers, Love Story was shot by Alard de Smidt and edited by Riot's Gordon Midgely.

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