Die Antwoord drops video for new single 'Cookie Thumper'

Zef rap duo Die Antwoord has released the video to their latest single from their upcoming album 'Donker Mag'. Cookie Thumper is a narrative video telling the story of a schoolgirl who lives in an orphanage, played by Yo-Landi Vi$$er, who has a crush on Anies, a gangster recently released from prison.

After Vi$$er's character gets some drugs from Anies, she screeches into a high-energy lust-filled love song to the gangster, with scenes of her smoking marijuana, parading in naught but tiny shorts and in a yellow crocheted bikini top and urinating on the orphanage's stairs.

Yo-landi and Anies meet in a love scene that is bound to provoke fans and critics alike.

The video, in its truly offensive Die Antwoord style, was directed by the other half of Die Antwoord, Ninja.

Reactions have thus far been mixed.

@MillyAbraham said: "Who's seeing Die Antwoord this wkend? New vid on @NoiseyMusic ... - their artistic direction never fails to mind blow"

@Zombie_Phil remarked: "People are offended by the new video by Die Antwoord? Mission accomplished then."

Cartoonist Jerm (@mynameisjerm) said: "Feminists won't like Die Antwoord's new video "Cookie Thumper". That said, no one will. It's rubbish."

By and large, nobody is shocked by Die Antwoord's shock-factor antics anymore, and people have come to expect the unexpected from them.

Both Ninja and Yo-Landi are also set to appear as themselves in an upcoming Neill Blomkamp sci-fi comedy feature, titled Chappie.

The film will be shot in Johannesburg, with post-production work being done in Vancouver.


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