Blood Tokoloshe to premiere at DIFF

Blood Tokoloshe is the first South African horror film about the fabled tokoloshe monster, written and directed by Jordan Harland and shot entirely on location in the township of Orange Farm.

The film will premiere at the 34th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) @durbanfilmfestival on the 20th of July at 15h00 at Ekhaya and the 24th at 20h00 at Musgrave B. Blood Tokoloshe - Dawn of the Beast is one of only 12 local films to be selected at South Africa's most prestigious festival and was signed up by international sales agent One Eyed Films at the Cannes Film Festival in May of this year.

In the film strange attacks plague the township's women and the community are at a loss to defend them. After each attack Mthunzi, a shrewd businessman, becomes wealthier and more popular with the ladies - something is amiss. Mthunzi has, with help of a corrupted sangoma, conjured a Tokoloshe curse that brings him wealth and women in exchange for blood. He unexpectedly falls in love and in order to win her heart, breaks the golden rule of controlling the beast and unleashing it on a rampage. Now the monster has an unquenchable thirst for blood and goes after Mthunzi's lovers, killing them one by one. His only chance is to turn to the township's reverend, to save the woman he loves.

Blood Tokoloshe will be showing after DIFF at a series of screenings in townships around the country, starting in Orange Farm from the 3rd of August. The DVD will go on sale later in the year in various retail outlets and through in the USA, as well as other selected international VOD platforms.
A first for South Africa, consumers will be able to download the film via wi-fi to their smart phones, in high density commuta areas such as taxi ranks and spaza shops for under R5 per download. This will make it accessible to a much larger audience and overcome the problem of piracy that local films face.

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