Ghanaian musicians flock to South Africa to shoot music videos

D black is amongst a host of stars that likes to shoot in South Africa where he shot his latest not one but two videos, this will now make it his fourth video that he has shot in S.A. Songstress Becca shot her video 'no away' for 50,000 dollars which at the time was recorded to be the most expensive Ghanaian music video that was shot abroad in 2012.

The trend has continued as M.anifest is also one of the latest Ghanaian musicians to go to South Africa. M.anifest was in Johannesburg most recently to film the music video for his single 'Jigah'.Although M.anifest did hit the streets of Nairobi last year for his hit single, "All In" with Kenyan group, Camp Mulla and featured in Proverb's music video "Proverbs M.anifest" earlier this year, South African-based production house 'Call Back Dreams' shot this latest M.anifest video.

Even Ghanaian artist EL has been quoted as saying that he prefers to shoot his video abroad because according to him Ghanaians like music videos that are shot outside Ghana he also has been stated as saying that he finds it is cheaper to shoot a video in South Africa because of the exchange rate of the dollar.D black has said that he likes to shoot in South Africa because he likes the locations that S.A has to offer and that "Sandton city in Jo'burg is a great place to shop." 2003 - 2021