South African star shoots music video in Botswana

Popular South African House music artist, Shota (Mnqobi Mdabe) shot his music video in Gaborone for one of his songs, Sengizwile.

The song is in his album, The Warrior, which was released in July.Most of the video will be shot in Gaborone West and Bontleng.Gaborone-based publicist, Pearl Kolanyane said the shooting of the video would be done by a local company, Creative Hub Films.

The firm was recently runner-ups at the 48HR Film Project. Kolanyane said that the entire video will be shot in Botswana and Creative Hub Films will handle everything else.She said Shota decided to shoot his video in Gaborone as a way of strengthening his ties and working relationships with Botswana.

She said the musician sees a lot of potential in the Botswana market and that is why he is shooting his video in the country and using a local production company.Kolanyane said that extras who might be interested in taking part in the video can come to G-West or Bontleng.

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