Al Jazeera English exposes the murder of albinos in Tanzania

Tonight's episode of the groundbreaking Al Jazeera English series, 'Africa Investigates', exposes the murder of albinos in Tanzania, who are still being murdered for their body parts, despite promises over several years by the government to stamp out the practice.

To date there have been 63 recorded killings of albinos in the country, though according to NGOs the actual number is much higher. Albino body parts command high prices due to a belief that they bring good luck.

Although a handful of people have been convicted for the murders themselves, the paying customers who are fuelling this practice have so far remained anonymous. 'Africa Investigates' reveals who's really behind this horrible phenomenon.

'Tanzania: Spell of the Albino' screens daily from Wednesday, 7 December 2011, at the following times GMT: Wednesday: 22:30; Thursday: 09:30; Friday: 03:30; Saturday: 16:30; Sunday: 22:30; Monday: 09:30; Tuesday: 03:30; Wednesday: 16:30.

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