We Are Unlimited Taps Editor Bob Ackerman For McDonald’s Spot, ‘I Got This’

We Are Unlimited Taps Editor Bob Ackerman For McDonald’s Spot, ‘I Got This’

We Are Unlimited teamed up with creative editor Bob Ackerman at The Colonie for McDonald’s new spot, ‘I Got This,’ introducing its new ‘One For You. One For Free’ Daily Deal Menu. Directed by Brig White out of Tool of NA/LA, the campaign’s off-kilter humor is heightened by improvised exchanges between the actors playing the two featured characters.

The commercial opens with the two friends at the McDonald’s counter making quizzical noises as they peruse the menu board. Ackerman used this unscripted moment to open the spot in a unique way that grabs the viewers’ attention.

“After Brig delivered the footage, I only had two days to edit before presenting a rough cut to the client,” says Ackerman. “Even though we were on a tight deadline, there were so many great improvisational moments that I couldn’t help myself. I ended up cutting nine different versions – each built around a different gag in the open and the body of the spot. Providing the agency’s team with so many options made it easier for us to hit the ground running.”

This job was The Colonie’s first opportunity to work with We Are Unlimited, the new ad agency created by the holding company, Omnicom Group, to work exclusively on the McDonald’s account.

“The creative team at the new agency is fantastic,” says Ackerman. “Creative director Tim Souers, and associate CDs Caroline Holyk and Jonathan Pliego came to us with a great concept and ready to dig in. Sometimes, during the editing process, you have to let go of those special moments that worked so well on the set and go with what works best on film. The whole team was a quick read when it came to taking advantage of happy accidents that elevated the story. It’s a great experience when the creative group not only excels at what they do, but also are a pleasure to work with.”

The VFX department at The Colonie nailed a difficult track of the menu board through a rack focus with the employee in the foreground. VFX supervisor Tom Dernulc created a defined border around the menu to give it a more realistic feel. Also, for continuity, he removed a girl that popped in and out of the background.

“I’m always looking for ways to contribute to a project that goes beyond what’s expected, “says Dernulc, “If I see even the smallest detail that may enhance the impact of a visual story, then I address it. Otherwise, I’d have to curse under my breath every time I see the spot on TV.”

The scenario ends with one friend telling the other, “I got yours buddy,’ leaving his pal befuddled - since the second meal is free. The spot closes with graphics displaying the various of Daily Deals that McDonald’s offers each day of the week

The broadcast and online campaign was cut on The Colonie’s Avid Media Composer and finished on Flame Premium.The spot was shot on ARRI Alexa Mini cameras at the McDonald’s Production Center in City of Industry, CA.

About The Colonie: The Colonie is an award-winning Chicago-based creative editorial, motion design, visual FX and finishing boutique with a seamless full-service approach to creating spots and cross-platform content that engage, entertain, inform and move audiences. A wide range of national and global clients, such as Nintendo, Google, McDonald’s, PepsiCo and Bayer, call upon its collaborative team of talent to deliver compelling creative content that elevates the viewer’s experience and connects them to brands. For more information about The Colonie and its services, visit www.TheColonie.com, contact executive producer, Mary Caddy at 312-225-1234, or Sonia Reps, sales@Soniareps.com, 312.519.0911.


TITLE: “I Got This”

LENGTH: :30, :15

TYPE: Broadcast Commercial/ :30 + On-Line Version/:15

LINK TO SPOT: https://vimeo.com/223200730

AGENCY: We Are Unlimited / Chicago

Executive Producer/Chief Production Officer: Jon Ellis

Producer: Craig Wagner (Freelance)

CD: Tim Souers

Copywriter: Carolyn Holyk

Art Director: Tim Pliego

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tool of North America/ LA

Director: Brig White

DP: J. Gurnari

Producer: Wade Brandenberger

EDITORIAL COMPANY: The Colonie / Chicago

Creative Editor: Bob Ackerman

Assistant Editor: Graham Chapman

Finishing: Tom Dernulc

Executive Producer: Mary Caddy


VFX Artist: Tom Dernulc

COLOR CORRECTION COMPANY: Filmworkers Club /Chicago

Colorist: Fred Keller

Sherri Golden, Director of Marketing + PR, Sherri@sjgoldenpr.com

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