Three AFDA films selected as candidates for Student Oscars

AFDA is proud to announce that the Johannesburg 4th year 2016 narrative film Incurable, directed by Darren Parker, 3rd year 2016 Cape Town animation film Husse Met Lang Ore, directed by Alme Swart and 3rd year 2016 Johannesburg documentary film Who Did I Raise, directed by Gift Mokoena, have been nominated as AFDA’s candidate films for the 44th Student Academy Awards (Student Oscars).

The Oscar for Best Foreign Student Film was won by AFDA in 2006 with the film “Elalini”, directed by Tristan Holmes and the film “Kanye Kanye” directed by Miklas Manneke was finalist for Best Foreign Film in 2013.

The Student Academy Awards is an international student film competition conducted by the Academy and the Academy Foundation. Each year over 1700 college and university film students from all over the world compete for awards and cash grants, with films being judged in seven categories, four domestic school categories (Animation, Documentary, Narrative and Alternative) and three international school categories (Animation, Documentary and Narrative). The presentation ceremony is a popular event that is annually attended by a capacity audience in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.
The 44th Student Academy Awards presentation will be held on Thursday, October 12 2017, at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Past winners have gone on to receive 57 Oscar nominations and have won or shared 10 awards. This year one 2016 Student Academy Award winner received an Oscar nomination in the Documentary Short Subject category: Daphne Matziaraki, a Gold Medal winner in the Documentary category for “4.1 Miles.” Past Student Academy Award winners include acclaimed filmmakers Pete Docter, Cary Fukunaga, John Lasseter, Spike Lee, Trey Parker and Robert Zemeckis.
In 1972, the Academy established the Student Academy Awards to provide a platform for emerging global filmmakers by creating opportunities within the industry to showcase their work.

AFDA would like to congratulate the cast & crew on this prestigious nomination and wish them the best of luck when the finalists & winners are announced later this year.

When an impoverished white prostitute from the slums of Pretoria East discovers that her younger daughter, who is terminally ill, has only weeks left to live, she has to try every means at her disposal to make enough money to get her daughter the surgery she needs. However, making a living is tough for a woman in her position, and so she is eventually forced to consider sacrificing her older daughter’s innocence in order to save the younger one's life.
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 24min
Rating: LSV
Viewing Restriction: 16
Year: AFDA 4th year production
Sara - Annelize Erasmus
Belinda - Erya Bergh
Vanya - Tyra Bergh
Police Officer - Renier Rautenbach
Client - Matt Lotter
Writer: Darren Parker
Director: Darren Parker
Executive Producer: Kristie - Lynn Angus
Cinematographer: Jasmine Coryndon-baker
Costume, Make-up and Styling: Tamsyn Hobbs
Editor: Karien van Biljon
Composer: Ivan Welker
Visual Effects: Delisa Govender
Colourist/Grader: Marnus Maritz

Husse Met Lang Ore
In a society where animals live as humans, the animals of Woudedorp live a safe and happy life in a village in the forest. Melanie, a hus with long ears grew up with her family of owls but because of the stereotype that husse are evil she has to hide her true identity. When criminal acts are increasing in Woudedorp, Melanie gets labelled a thief and has to run away from home to protect herself and her family. Alas, her parents get arrested and it is up to Melanie and her new found friends to save them. Just as they thought things could not get worse the town floods and it is up to Melanie and the 'husse' to come to Woudedorp's rescue.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 10min
Rating: No Rating
Viewing Restriction: No viewing restriction
Year: AFDA 3rd year production
Melanie - Janique Viljoen
Mamma Uil - Andria Kok
Pappa Uil - Alto de Kock
Pippie - Mimi-Mari Gobel
Magriet - Rochelle Odendaal
Lollie - Loané van Sandwyk
Writer: Alme Swart
Director: Alme Swart
Executive Producer: AFDA
Associate Producer: Gretchen Pirzl
Editor: Damian Maher
Sound Design: Petronella Van Der Berg
Composer: Talya Goldmann
Visual Effects: Janique Viljoen

Who Did I Raise?
Who Did I Raise? Is documentary about domestic violence, focusing specifically on parent abuse. Ethel, a single mother of three will be sharing her story about how she is being abused physically, emotionally and financially by her twenty-year-old son. He is a drug addict and has recently been released from prison after serving time for assaulting his mother. We will be speaking to the victim of the abuse, Ethel, her daughter who is suffering from depression and her abusive son. The purpose of this documentary is to raise awareness on this under reported issue in South Africa, and help families who are affected to speak out and get help.
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 12min
Rating: L
Viewing Restriction: PG13
Year: AFDA 3rd year production
Ethel Mgidi -
Mathabo Mgidi -
Writer: Melissa Nayimuli
Director: Gift Mokoena
Executive Producer: Maliisane Ntosane
Associate Producer: Nelly Sambo
Associate Producer: Nontombi Tsotetsi
Cinematographer: Aphendule Pakade
Editor: LeeRoy Moyo
Sound Design: Lungani Bashe

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