TalentReach connects performing talent to real paying jobs

Mediafix, a dynamic media and production companies in the country has launched the revolutionary 'TalentReach', which is an offering that exists online and on the ground, is aimed at assisting local talent to connect with paying work.

Thanks to "TalentReach", aspiring actors can load their personal details relevant to talent scouts so that through a moderation process, TalentReach is able to co-ordinate an audition process, whether it be via a virtual audition process, or a studio casting call. Film producers will then be able to fast-track a seamless audition process through registering with TalentReach and hiring the services as would they have if they had paid a Scout.

"Most importantly", says owner and Founder Megan Firth, " the rollout of TalentReach online and on the ground will enable talent access to paying work. So many times we are recycling the same faces as we aren't aware of all the trained and skilled talent available in South Africa. On a broader level, TalentReach will address the issue of sustainable work where we will provide feedback to those who are unsuccessful and successful at auditions. Often no-one knows why they didn't get the gig or why they got it and through TalentReach we will achieve more intel into the minds that select the talent." " As an advocate of all things digital, I believe young people always have data rather than taxi fare and hence we will unlock the hidden jewels of our country that our reality and talent shows cannot come close to reaching"

Megan Firth sees her offering as a change agent to behaviour. The business model is crafted around supporting the activities of every stakeholder in the industry, whether you wish to register all your talent in your Talent Management Agency or whether you wish to load yourself as talent. Talent Scouts can now organize their auditions from the comfort of their homes this winter, via a simple login.

Mediafix did extensive research on the software to ensure the site is capable of handling the vast amounts of traffic that is anticipated. As part of its Version 1.0 rollout, it chose a cloud-based solution to ensure we can remain user-centric. Mediafix did extensive research via private surveys with industry stakeholders, to ensure that the technology is user friendly for Talent and Scouts.

The service is free to talent. Production Houses hire the services of an "Online Talent Scout" who will filter searches according to the required criteria, contact the talent to check availability and gain consent,arrange a virtual audition or in studio as needed, release the auditions to the requester.
Search criteria are limited to the basic audition searches for now but include a box where you can provide other details so you can always remain relevant.

"We are confident this will increase the opportunities for talent in our industry, it can do nothing less than unearth the pools of skill that exist in South Africa" says Megan Firth

In its first week of existence, it has already placed 1 cameo, Phoenix Zayed Baaitse, and 3 featured extras on Thula's Vine, currently broadcasting on Sabc3 Thursdays at 7.30pm.

It has also cast 3 Celebrities for a PSA , i.e. Wandile Molebatsi, Luthuli Dlamini and Obed Baloyi.

TalentReach aims to hold a number of workshops with aspiring artists and actors, kicking off nationally in June, as a celebration of Youth, to empower them to become more successful in making a success of their careers.

Actors and Producers can access Talentreach by navigating to www.talentreach.co.za
Media 082 467 5009
Talent 079 841 8462

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