Help Save Encounters

Help Save Encounters

Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival is running from 31 May-10 June 2018 and we need your help to make it happen. Encounters Documentary Film Festival is the premier documentary festival in Africa. It is one of the few solely dedicated to the genre of documentary and one of the oldest film festivals on the continent. 2018 sees the 20th edition of the festival, a firm favorite for premiering International, African and South African Documentary films.

Why we need your help...

Documentaries play an incredibly important role in social, political, and economic change. Documentaries have the power to influence social movements, uncover truths; expose stories that otherwise go untold. Having an African platform to show both local and international documentaries helps to inspire and educate African audiences. Encounters gives filmmakers an African platform to showcase their documentary films and filmmaking talents to the world.

Times are tough and our funding is tight! We turn to you to help us keep Encounters Documentary Film Festival alive! Funding is low as key funders have reduced their funding for the the 2018 Festival. And so, we look to our treasured audience, fellow filmmakers, industry leaders and film fanatics, to help us raise funds to make this years festival happen!

Our Rewards

Help Save Encounters rewards are immediate! Yes you read that correctly, rewards are immediate!

The rewards for Help Keep Encounters Alive, offer investors exclusive opportunities to be a part of the 20th edition for the festival. Rewards will be delivered as soon as our crowdfunding ends - on the eve of the Festival, 31st May 2018!

From hosting your own screening, the opportunity to rub shoulders with the 'who's who' in the filmmaking world, to free workshop tickets. There is an opportunity in each reward tier to benefit from the festival and all it has to offer.

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Our Target

Encounters needs R200,000 to cover expenses associated with the running of a film festival. Key funders have reduced their funding, and we need your help to replace these funds! While we receive sponsorships of all kinds, we still require funds to cover the costs of the day-to-day runnings of the festival.

What we will achieve with your investment

Encounters Documentary Film Festival aims to present the most compelling selection of documentaries from South Africa and around the world! For our 20th edition, we have pulled out all the stops for this years festival to make sure its the best and most memorable one yet!

Encounters will not happen without your support, investment, and love for documentary filmmaking. We thank you in advance for your support and investment.

The Team

Founded in 1999, Encounters is the leading documentary festival in South Africa and on the African continent. Offering ten days of diverse and exceptional progamming of relevant, creative documentaries from around the world, Encounters takes an innovative approach to promoting documentary cinema, engaging audiences and developing local and regional filmmaking talent. Over the course of its 20 year history, Encounters has become an important site of reception and promotion of documentary film through its main film programme, and a critical space of learning, transformation and production with its comprehensive industry and training offering. Flagship projects, such as the Close Encounters Film Lab has played an instrumental role in creating opportunities for the country's documentary filmmakers. Recently, Encounters has expanded the scope of its programming to encompass new media (Virtual Reality & interactive documentaries) and other forms of nonfiction storytelling, placing an emphasis on a contemporary, cross-disciplinary approach to both documentary reception and production. The Festival has significant economic, cultural and social impact achieving these through initiatives such as its Access programme which creates access for historically disadvantaged communities and through the economic activity and job creation opportunities generated by the Festival. Encounters believes in the power of documentary film to transform, create empathy and to contribute to mutual understanding and dialogue between cultures. Through its core activities, the Festival has continued to be a vital platform where both established and emerging filmmakers and audiences intersect with documentary cinema from South Africa and abroad.

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Kind Regards,

Tarha McKenzie

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