Get more ZAR for your car and rhyme for your ride

Get more ZAR for your car and rhyme for your ride

If you haven't heard the lines More ZAR for your car, Dough for your Renault, Dinero for your Camaro or Bucks for your Trucks - then you may still hear a lot more rhymes for your rides over the airwaves and television.

That's because challenger online car sales brand has recently launched their humorous debut through-the-line (TTL) campaign to show their appreciation for all the weird and wonderful cars South Africans stereotypically drive. The campaign includes a 30 second TVC, a radio ad as well as social and online content.

"As South Africa's most reliable, convenient and generous new online car sales platform, we are ready to take the market by storm. We're doing this by showing all South Africans - one rhyme at a time - that we can help them sell their cars quickly and easily, whether it be a skedonk, a pimped up ride or a fancy Sunday cruise mobile," said Michael Muller, managing director of CarZar.

"Our mission is to end the hassle, wrangle and risk endured by car sellers in SA, and we hope to get that message across to the public over the next couple of months in a fun, relatable and engaging way," he said.

The agency behind the campaign is award-winning South African word-of-mouth agency hyh, previously known as Have You Heard, which recently expanded its service offering to fully integrated creative, design, digital, media, events and communications services. The production team was led by ad industry veterans Con Bertish, Ari Kruger and Carl Booysen.

"The premise of the campaign is that South Africans love a play on words, especially rhyming. Even since the heyday of SA TV advertising in the 1980s it was pretty clear that we could never resist a pun or a rhyme, and it's no wonder we've got excellent rappers in this country performing in all our languages. South Africans just love rolling rhymes off their tongues," said creative director of the campaign, Con Bertish.

"With CarZar it also works nicely that the rhyming device is aligned to the brand's tongue-in-cheek tone and quirky personality, and that we can play with the rhyme in the brand name. When we say 'more ZAR for your car' we can actually communicate one of the most important functional benefits of the brand - that CarZar offers the best prices for used cars in the market through its unique online bidding platform," he said.

CarZar was founded by entrepreneurs Fernando Pinheiro and Michael Muller in 2015 with a vision to promote transparency, buyer and seller empowerment and digital convenience in the South African automobile trade sector. As soon as the start-up's Series A funding round was wrapped up last year, it announced that it would put a substantial portion of the funds to use for marketing. CarZar currently operates in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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